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Delivering variable print excellence

DNP Thermal Transfer Ribbons enable you to achieve optimal variable print results on a wide variety of substrates.

Our ribbons deliver barcodes that always scan and variable information that remains readable under the most challenging circumstances.

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    Tailored variable print support for your business with DNP Thermal Transfer Ribbons

    As a first step, in addition to the ribbon, the application, the printer and the substrate are important factors to consider. However, finding the right Thermal Transfer Ribbon can be challenging and complex at first.

    That is also why DNP aims to provide peace-of-mind to ribbon users offering in-house lab testing and on-site support to help you harmonise substrate, printer and ribbon. All this, with Thermal Transfer Ribbons tailored to your needs: compliant, high-quality print and supply chain security. Because at DNP, we believe in partnership, that provides the swift and tailor-made answers that you need.

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    Why DNP?

    Delivering variable print excellence

    Harmonising substrate, printer and ribbon

    Providing peace-of-mind through tailored service

    The Thermal Transfer Ribbons that deliver variable print excellence

    All DNP ribbons are formulated to consistently deliver high-quality variable print. From standard coding to highly specific applications and substrates, we supply a ribbon that fits your needs:

    • Resin ribbons of DNP offer unparalleled durability for difficult circumstances.
    • Wax ribbons of DNP set quality standards for smooth scanning operations in logistics and retail.
    • Wax-resins ribbons of DNP combine characteristics of both and enable in-line printing of packagings at the required speed.

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