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Wax Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Curious about what a Wax Resin Thermal Transfer ribbon can do for your company in ensuring readable and scannable code, able to cope with the specific treatment of your packaging? Wax Resin ribbons can play a key role in ensuring that any product and packaging is quickly traceable in complex supply chains. This is imperative in the protection of valuable brands of, for example, food products in retail channels.

Wax Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon: made to deliver excellent quality

Thermal Transfer is a flexible printing technique that continuously delivers durable and compliant variable print at high production speeds. As a result of being a direct technique, Thermal Transfer limits the influence of outside factors on the print result. Owing to this trait, Thermal Transfer Printing ensures high performance in terms of durability and resistance, often required and regulated in the production of food, pharmaceuticals, outdoor materials, and many more.

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An introduction to Wax Resin ribbons

An introduction to wax resin thermal transfer ribbons
Beverage labelling and marking

What is a Wax resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon?

In a Wax resin ribbon, the ink is captured in a mix of soft wax and hard resin. Wax resin ribbons make prints that are more resistant to scratching, rubbing and chemicals. These ribbons need a higher temperature for the ink to be transferred onto the substrate. Wax Resin ribbons are suitable for both print & apply and in-line flexible packaging applications. For in-line printing at high speed, wax resins are the obvious choice

examples of was resin thermal transfer ribbon

Wax Resin: first choice for in-line print-on-packaging

In-line print on packaging, especially on flexible materials, demands specific Thermal Transfer Ribbons. This is because the high speeds of the production line make near-edge thermal transfer printing the only option. Certainly, a Wax Resin has the proper combination of characteristics to perform according to industry standards:

  • Wax particles: Ensuring that the ink is easily transferred, compensating for unevenness of the surface,
  • Resin particles: Securing durability of the variable print.

Owing to these characteristics, Wax Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbons are suitable for not only print & apply but also flexible packaging applications where more durability or speed is needed.

Food and beverage labelling and marking technology

What are typical applications of a wax resin ribbon?

Wax Resin ribbons are used for high speed printing of a wide range materials, especially when improved resistance over wax is required.

slitting of wax resin thermal transfer ribbon

DNP Wax Resin Ribbon Manufacturer: drop-in compatible high-speed code printing

Since the early ’80s, DNP (Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd.) has built-up a long-standing history of developing Thermal Transfer Ribbons. DNP’s assortment is constantly developing to fulfil industry requirements. M295HD is a near-edge example of a ribbon that works excellent on flexible packaging materials. However, DNP has ribbons for not only near-edge but also flat-head printers in the wax resin assortment such as M255 and M265 for flat-head and TR4500 for near-edge. Additionally, DNP developed all ribbons with an exclusive back-coating technology that delivers anti-static properties for easy handling, uninterrupted print and superior printhead protection.

As a Wax Resin Ribbon Manufacturer, we take great pride in supplying you with the best ribbon for your printer.

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