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Thermal Transfer Ribbon for outdoor product labelling & marking

What product should we choose for outdoor situations? Factory piping, underground cables, transport containers, where shall one start?

Ensure traceability in the outdoors

In most cases, variable print contains crucial information. Evidently, this must always be readable for safety reasons. Especially in the outdoor, this brings challenges. Labels and variable code are subject to different exposures. Of course, this puts a strain on the quality of the print. Which is why, the information on things like containers, piping and underground cables should be printed with a method that delivers a durable result.

Products recommended for use in outdoor situations

Find the Thermal Transfer Ribbon that fits your specific needs.

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Barcoding and labelling of outdoor electronics

Thermal Transfer: safe in tough environments

From air-conditioning units to piping and shipping containers, readable variable print is essential. But time, severe weather, contact with chemicals, saltwater and very high or low temperatures obviously test the durability of any print. Thermal Transfer Printing has proven itself as a reliable technique. It has the capability to make a variable code that resists the rugged outdoors.

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Find the TTR that secures your variable print

Listing the things that your print should survive is an important step. For instance, strong UV light, exposure to solvents or severe abrasion demand different qualities in a Thermal Transfer Ribbon. That is why, to select the optimal product, use the following factors:

  • Application and type of print
  • Overview of exposures
  • Material/substrate to be printed
  • Type of printer and printer settings


Combined, these factors determine whether a Resin, Wax-Resin or Wax ribbon is the best option. When this choice is made, the specific product needs to be selected. The last step is then to harmonise ribbon, substrate and printer. Finding the best printer settings is of key importance for the most durable result.

Outdoor appliance labelling

DNP Thermal Transfer Ribbons: Peace-of-mind in variable print

DNP has a broad experience in producing Thermal Transfer Ribbons. Owing to its Japanese heritage, we manufacture TTR under strict quality standards. That is why we can ensure high-quality products to our customers. Compliant with regulations for most industries, the majority of DNP Thermal Transfer Ribbons are approved for specific industries.

In reality, selecting the correct TTR may be a challenge during ongoing production. Therefore, DNP offers test support in our laboratory and on-site. This enables you to find the combination of ribbon, printer and substrate that matches your exact needs.

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