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Delivering variable print excellence

Variable information, such as barcodes and expiration dates, is driving many of today’s processes. That is why optimal traceability of products and components is key in facilitating manufacturing and logistical processes and protecting against business risks. Product recalls, anti-counterfeiting and legal compliance are particularly relying on variable code that ensures 100% traceability. To deliver variable print excellence, the print should be readable and scannable under all required circumstances.

Thermal Transfer Printing with TTR

Variable print: small in costs, high impact of failure

The printing of variable information is a support process. The cost is mostly only a marginal component of the price of the total product. Yet, the quality of variable print becomes especially important in case of failure.

When a code does not read or scan in case of a product recall or audit check making the product untraceable, business risks and connected high costs become evident. That is why choosing the right printing method and materials are key factors in securing an efficient and compliant running business process.

slitting of wax resin thermal transfer ribbon

Thermal Transfer: variable print that lasts

Thermal Transfer is a robust print technology that has proven to deliver lasting prints, even for the most demanding situations. The direct transfer of ink from the Thermal Transfer Ribbon onto the substrate ensures that the right amount is used to deliver optimal print quality.

However, when it comes to variable print that lasts, one must also consider the durability requirements of the print e.g. IPA, motor oil, UV or scratch resistance. That is how by choosing the right combination of printer, substrate and Thermal Transfer Ribbon makes these results readily available to the user.

resin ribbon

DNP: Thermal Transfer Ribbons for variable print excellence

DNP is a Japanese expert in producing high-quality Thermal Transfer Ribbons that secure a carefree experience in variable code printing. Every day, our ribbons are proving they can deliver optimal print results in any circumstances. Our R&D department develops innovative ribbon formulations that help you cope with specific challenges you might have in variable printing. Our meticulous quality control systems secure that our products deliver the same high-quality print day in, day out.


Tailored variable print support with DNP Thermal Transfer Ribbons.

DNP specialises in helping you harmonise substrate, printer and ribbon. All this, with ribbons tailored to your needs and technical support in our DNP lab or on-site, in your own production environment.
Because at DNP, we believe in partnership, that provides the swift and tailor-made answers that you need.

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