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Thermal Transfer Ribbon for beauty & health product labelling and marking

What Thermal Transfer Ribbon should we choose for applications within the health and beauty industry? Cosmetics, personal care items and the packaging and labelling of these products. Where shall one start?

Secure compliance with evolving health & safety regulations

Complying with evolving regulatory frameworks such as the EU’s Cosmetics Regulation presents challenges for producers. Importantly, such labelling and traceability regulations are key in sectors where health and safety are of concern. They affect sectors like the cosmetic, chemical, pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries.

Compliant labelling and packaging are helping to efficiently handle product recalls and audits. Additionally, it enables the effective identification of product and ingredient origins. It allows fast-tracking of the whereabouts of finished goods.

Products recommended for health and beauty industry

Find the Thermal Transfer Ribbon that fits your specific needs.

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Reduce risks through traceable health and beauty products

Cosmetics and personal care products should contain information about the following:

  • Safe using techniques,
  • Best before date,
  • The period of safe usage after opening.
  • Product and batch codes

In order to reduce risks of unreadable variable information on health and beauty products, a suitable printing technique is needed. Certainly, when product marking is exposed to substances like soap and oil, or frequent handling, it may affect the durability and scannability. In such situations, Thermal Transfer print is one of the most reliable techniques. Overall, it helps deliver durable print, meeting the industry compliance standards.

Choose the right Thermal Transfer Ribbons for health and beauty marking

Selecting the Thermal Transfer Ribbon that fits your needs is a critical step when it comes to variable code printing. You can achieve the ultimate result by harmonising substrate, Thermal Transfer Ribbon and printer settings. So before choosing a ribbon to go with, just consider the following factors:

  • What do I need the Thermal Transfer Ribbon for?
  • Do I have specific requirements e.g. durability against oils, sanitiser, product ingredients?
  • What substrate do I need to print on e.g. PE, PP or PET?
  • Do I have a near-edge or a flat-head printer?
  • What settings does my printer allow?

Discover high-quality Japanese Thermal Transfer Ribbons by DNP

Since the early ’80s, DNP has developed a broad portfolio of Thermal Transfer Ribbons to fit your needs. Our Thermal Transfer Ribbons are produced following strict quality systems. This ensures high-quality products for the global market. DNP is offering a variety of wax, wax resin and resin ribbons, to ensure all variable printing needs of the health and beauty industry are met.

When it comes to finding the right ribbon, testing in a production environment is challenging. Therefore, to speed up your testing, DNP offers support. We can assist you both in our in-house lab and your own production line.

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