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Harmonising substrate, printer and ribbon

When barcodes, expiration dates, lot numbers and other important variable information should be printed to endure, Thermal Transfer Printing is the go-to technique. Certainly, the most optimal results can be achieved when the Thermal Transfer Printer, ribbon and substrate are properly matched.

Laboratory tube labelling

Combining substrate and application to decide the type of ink ribbon

Identifying the different exposures that a print should withstand is the first step in determining the right substrate and Thermal Transfer Ribbon. For instance, exposure to water, chemicals, sunlight, physical force along many other things decide what substrate/ink combinations can do the job.

In case the substrate is a fixed aspect, proper selection of the Thermal Transfer ink-type becomes even more important. Wax, wax/resin and resin inks all have specific qualities that make them suitable for different print applications.

Inside of a Thermal Transfer Printer

Flat-head or near-edge printer: crucial in picking the Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Flat-head and near-edge printers both demand different things from the ribbon owing to how the print head gets in contact with both the substrate and the ribbon.

Therefore, the printer type is an important element in picking the Thermal Transfer Ribbon that does the job.

Thermal Transfer Printing with TTR

Determining the printer settings for optimal ink transfer 

The final choice of substrate and Thermal Transfer Ribbon determines the required printer settings.

Depending on the combination, the speed, print head temperature and application pressure need to be correctly set. This results in the optimal bond between ink and substrate, ensuring the print will withstand the exposures in its environment.


resin ribbon

DNP Thermal Transfer Ribbons: secure choice for printing variable information

DNP is a Japanese Thermal Transfer producer with a long-standing history of developing Thermal Transfer Ribbons. Due to extensive cooperation with substrate and printer manufacturers, DNP is delivering Thermal Transfer Ribbons that surpass market expectations.

Owing to our in-house test facilities and on-site technical support, DNP TTR experts are able to make thorough assessments of customer needs. Our main aim is to enable you to harmonise your printer, substrate and ribbon in virtually any situation. Because only by finding the perfect combination of these, can one achieve the most optimal print results.

Tailored variable print support with DNP Thermal Transfer Ribbons.

DNP specialises in helping you harmonise substrate, printer and ribbon. All this, with ribbons tailored to your needs and technical support in our DNP lab or on-site, in your own production environment.
Because at DNP, we believe in partnership, that provides the swift and tailor-made answers that you need.

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