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Find your DNP brochures and guides here. Download product brochures, information about Thermal Transfer Printing in different industries, quick reference guides on what substrate to print with which DNP Thermal Transfer Ribbon and more.

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DNP has developed a series of overviews and brochures for Thermal Transfer Ribbons and variable coding in different industries such as healthcare, automotive, etc. With one simple click, you can download the brochures you are interested in or can scroll further to read more.

TTR rolls customised to your need

Discover DNP Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Whether you are searching for the answer to a challenging application or looking to broaden your thermal transfer ribbon range, this product brochure is here to make your decision easier.

Learn more about DNP’s services and product combinations, and challenge our in-house lab with your toughest applications today!

Thermal Transfer Ribbon Slitting

Harmonise substrate type with ribbon

Our Product Reference Guide will help you in selecting the right substrate vs. ribbon combination. Apart from this, DNP experts offer both in-house lab testing and on-site support. That way, you can reduce your risks of picking a Thermal Transfer Ribbon that is not suited for your specific needs, and choose the testing support that best works for you.

Versatile Thermal Transfer Ribbons - DNP

Learn more about each TTR from the Technical Data Sheets

Each Thermal Transfer Ribbon is different. Depending on the specific formulation, some ribbons have high abrasion resistance, or print sensitivity, while others perform exceptionally against certain solvents or extreme temperatures. In our Technical Data Sheets, you can read about what applications and substrates each TTR is recommended for and discover their specific characteristics. Of crouse, our TTR experts are always ready to assist you with testing support or advice on what Thermal Transfer Ribbon could best fit your specific requirements.

Food labelling and marking

Thermal Transfer Printing for food & beverage

Printing of “best by” dates and lot numbers is an obligation in a world where food safety concerns are a growing issue among consumers. Expiration dates and lot number tracking are critically important in the event of a product recall. Images must remain legible for tracking information. In addition, other applications such as barcodes, part numbers and item numbers require durability. Printing barcodes on flexible packages is normally an integrated part of the assembly line process. But what Thermal Transfer Ribbon should one opt for such requirements? You can learn all about it in our food & beverage brochure.

Laboratory tube labelling

Thermal Transfer Printing for pharma & healthcare

Barcoding has become mandatory for pharmaceuticals and medical devices in the EU. Tracking the manufacturing of a specific drug or device is critical for the supplier and the consumer. That is why it’s important for a pharmaceutical company to control and regulate the inventory of a specific drug, as well as for the local pharmacy to control the consumer supply of that drug. But what Thermal Transfer Ribbon should one opt for such requirements? You can learn all about it in our pharma & healthcare brochure.

Chemical barrel warning labels

Thermal Transfer Printing for heavy industry & chemicals

In heavy industries and chemical manufacturing, marking products and printing variable information requires a durable print image, especially for hazardous goods labelling. Even in the toughest environments, from steel mills to chemical plants, thermal transfer printing is perfectly suitable to render excellent results for UV, solvent, scratch and smudge resistance. The labels and TTR printing must withstand all kinds of environmental conditions associated with storage, usage, and transportation. From resisting abrasion to standing up to solvents, a highly durable ribbon is needed for this type of application. But what Thermal Transfer Ribbon should one opt for such requirements? You can learn all about it in our chemicals brochure.

Under the hood labels

Thermal Transfer Printing for automotive

Barcodes applied to thousands of parts used in an automobile are printed with extremely durable TTR that can withstand the high solvent, heat and abrasive conditions of automotive manufacturing plants. DNP is under the hood. Gasoline, engine oil, and transmission fluid are just some of the harsh chemicals that variable prints need to withstand under the hood. But what Thermal Transfer Ribbon should one opt for such requirements? You can learn all about it in our automotive brochure.

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