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What kind of company is Quality Labels?

Paddy: ‘We started small and have since grown to become one of the largest label brands in Ireland. At Quality Labels, our one hundred employees work for diverse clients, with household brands such as Kerry and Microsoft on one side, and smaller, local companies on the other side.

Moreover, we don’t solely produce labels: we also deliver label printers, barcode scanners and barcode printers, with full-service installation and maintenance services. And of course, we deliver Thermal Transfer Ribbons as well, such as the ones from DNP.’

Why do you collaborate with DNP?

Mick: ‘When it comes to ribbons, they (DNP) have the best product on the market. We simply do not have to worry about quality, as DNP’s quality is always first-class. Many organisations lose in a fierce, competitive battle and try to win by delivering on a cheaper price. Fortunately, DNP doesn’t participate in this practice. DNP sells strong quality and service, which, for us, is the real benefit.
When we sell a barcode scanner it is important that all parts and components are made of premium quality. We simply cannot ‘afford’ to offer cheap ribbons because it’s such a crucial component of the entire chain, much like the printhead. Luckily, the Thermal Transfer Ribbon (TTR) is one of DNP’s strongest products. It almost never fails.

What is the most positive experience with DNP?

Paddy: ‘We recently lost a client to a cheaper competitor. We weren’t happy about this, but these things happen in a competitive environment. But we kept the door open just in case we wanted to work together again in the future. And they did. Within 6 months, this client came back to us and told us just how many issues they ran into with cheaper Thermal Transfer Ribbons offered by their new supplier.

From the moment our client switched back to DNP, all problems got resolved once again. We’ve seen this happen on more than one occasion.

A ribbon might seem insignificant, but if they break or cause disruptions somewhere in the production chain, it will cost a lot of time and frustration. Not just for mechanics but also for the end-users. Hence, we always choose premium partners, such as DNP’.