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What does Europrocess specialise in?

‘We are a global organisation for best-in-class label solutions. Europrocess is a true family company and we consist of 37 employees. We have been producing self-adhesive labels since 1986.

At Europrocess, we also provide Thermal Transfer Ribbons, thermal transfer printers and replacement parts. We cater to CAD-software companies as well, by providing barcode scanners and terminals for the purpose of label creation.

Our aim is to continuously support our clients with the implementation of automatic machine printing solutions.

What type of customers does Europrocess have?

We mostly work with organisations of industrial nature. In the beginning, we started out in automotive, but we gradually expanded and we now have a very diverse client base.

Most of our customers are located in France and Germany. For example, L’Oréal Germany is one of our valued clients, who we provide Thermal Transfer Ribbons and labels for. All in all, we serve around 1400 clients globally, who vary from small to large players in their respective field.

When it comes to ribbons, they all have one favourite: DNP Thermal Transfer Ribbons! Our best seller is TR4085Plus®. Although, most of our customers demand various solutions, specific to their problem or demand. We offer everything they desire, however.’

Since when do you work together with DNP?

‘From the very beginning, since we started Europrocess as a company. At that time, we evaluated competitors of course, but we quickly discovered a lower price does not equal a reliable partner.

DNP is a structural partner for us, which we value very much. Certainly, this attitude shows in every aspect of our partnership.

For example, a few years ago, DNP was less involved strategically, but nowadays that changed dramatically. When we had to discuss a project together last time, it was striking how well we could discuss and collaborate. There is certainly no ‘opposites’ situation going on. We really work together and really consider each other’s interests. Without a doubt, the focus is always present.’