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Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Curious about the possibilities of Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbons for your company? Fast identification of items is a prerequisite for successful business operations. Scanning in logistical processes and in-shop rely on variable codes such as barcodes or lot number that are easy-to-read at any time. The variable information needs to be printed in high quality and needs to withstand the expected treatment of handling it in the supply chain. Our products are designed to ensure the best possible variable print.

Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbon: designed to perform on rough materials and paper

Certainly, Wax Ribbons continuously appear as a flexible and durable technique, delivering crisp prints that withstand the test of time. In general, these ribbons are the standard for printing on (un)coated paper and other materials with a rougher surface. All this, due to the product characteristics helping fill up uneven surfaces, delivering high optical density print for scannable barcodes and other variable codes.

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An introduction to Wax ribbons

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What is a Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbon?

In such a ribbon, the pigments of the ink are captured in wax. The wax is quite soft and therefore transfers at relatively low temperatures. It also fills up unevenness in the surface of the printed material/substrate. Therefore, wax ribbons are the standard for printing on (un)coated paper and other materials with a rougher surface. Due to the ability to fill up uneven surfaces, these ribbons deliver a high optical density print for scannable barcodes and other variable information.

Typical wax ribbon properties

How do Wax ribbons differ from Wax Resin and Resin ribbons?

When it comes to wax ribbons, significant differences are usually present when compared to wax resin and resin ribbons:

  • Durability: Regarding print resistance, wax ribbons are often used in short-term applications. Compared to resin and wax resin ribbons, the prints are less resistant to friction/abrasion and exposure to things like heat, solvents, and other chemicals.
  • Substrate versatility: In comparison to wax resin or resin Thermal Transfer Ribbons, wax ribbon formulations give the best print results on rougher substrates such as uncoated paper and Tyvek®. The wax easily melts into the uneven areas ensuring dark, high-quality print results. In addition, wax ribbons also print well on other papers and a range of synthetic materials such as PE and PP.
  • Print speeds: Printing with a wax ribbon requires a lower heat setting on the printer in comparison to wax resins or resins. The typical printing speed of a good-quality wax ribbon differs depending on the substrate. However, in general, wax ribbons do print faster then resin thermal transfer ribbons.
  • Printer compatibility: Wax ribbons are mostly used on flat-head printers. On the contrary, wax resin and resin ribbons have formulations that excel under the use of both flat-head and near-edge/corner edge print-head types.

All DNP ribbons are formulated to consistently deliver high-quality variable print. From standard coding to highly specific applications and substrates, we supply a ribbon that fits your needs.

examples of was resin thermal transfer ribbon

Wax Ribbons: Fulfilling the bulk of Thermal Transfer Printing jobs

Wax products can fulfill the bulk of Thermal Transfer Printing jobs, where moderate durability is required. Since these ribbons require the lowest printing energy (lower melting temperature), the ink easily transfers onto the substrate. For instance, for logistical operations and most identification tags, waxes can deliver the necessary durability to secure vital scanning operations. However, when an application requires higher durability and resilience against chemicals and environmental factors, we mostly recommend wax/resin or resin ribbons.

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What are typical applications of a wax ribbon?

Wax ribbons are used for easy printing of variable information in scanning operations with a fast turn-around time. They print especially well on rough materials such as uncoated paper.

Thermal Transfer Ribbon Slitting

DNP Wax Ribbon Manufacturer: setting the quality standard

Since the early ’80s, DNP (Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd.) has built-up a long-standing history of developing Thermal Transfer Ribbons. DNP’s TR4085plus® is widely recognised as the quality reference in wax. Also, DNP offers a comprehensive range of ribbons for black, colour and even transparent printing. Some DNP wax qualities are resin enhanced, making them suitable for different label stocks and more demanding applications with increased abrasion and smudge resistance. Additionally, DNP developed all ribbons with an exclusive back-coating technology that delivers anti-static properties for easy handling, uninterrupted print and superior printhead protection.

As an experienced wax ribbon manufacturer, DNP has extensive knowledge on delivering quality ribbons. Our meticulous quality controls ensure a product that delivers the same performance time after time. We take great pride in making our product work for you!

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