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Thermal Transfer Ribbon for inventory and logistics

What Thermal Transfer Ribbon should we choose for inventory and logistical operations? Barcodes, QR codes or other variable information on paper or PE labels? Fast and flawless scanning? Where shall we start?

Securing supply chain transparency through coding and scanning

Track and tracing are definitely critical to the efficiency of manufacturing and distribution. Therefore, coding and scanning play a crucial role in today’s supply chain. To summarize some examples, this concerns pharmaceuticals, car components, foods & beverages, cosmetics and electronic goods.

For product recalls, audits and consumer demand, up-to-date information about the origin and whereabouts is ever more important. As a result, organisations need to implement effective track and trace systems as well as variable data printing. Otherwise, the inability to identify and track components of products may compromise the success of businesses.

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Optimising your operational efficiency with track & trace

One of the crucial components in track & tracing is the label and variable print such as the barcode. Easy scanning is therefore key in ensuring smooth running operations throughout the supply chain. This concerns the following:

  • Monitoring transport movements
  • Optimising inventory usage
  • Transparency through real-time information
  • Preventing counterfeit components
  • Prevention product spoilage
  • Managing product recalls and audits


Obviously, technologies used for inventory and logistics coding and marking can vary. Furthermore, exposure to temperatures (e.g. shrink wrapping, cold stores), humidity, smudging and scratching can affect the quality. Concerning lasting printing of variable information, Thermal Transfer printing is among the most reliable technologies.

Inventory labelling and traceability

Thermal Transfer Ribbon for Inventory & Logistics

Obviously, Thermal Transfer Ribbons are only one part of the puzzle when it comes to delivering excellent print. When it comes to choosing the right ribbon, the combination of substrate, print setting possibilities and durability requirements (e.g. high abrasion) are equally important. Therefore, careful testing and harmonisation of these elements will make you achieve the optimal result.

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Peace-of-mind with DNP Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Throughout the past decades, DNP has developed a broad portfolio of Thermal Transfer Ribbons from wax and wax/resin to highly durable resin ranges. In addition, DNP is renowned for high-quality Japanese products that are produced with firm quality measurements.

Naturally, our Thermal Transfer experts are happy to advise you about the ideal combination of ribbon, substrate and printer. Moreover, to aid you with your testing process, DNP offers testing support in DNP’s own in-house lab. Get in touch to request our testing support services to achieve exceptional results that meet your needs.

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