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Thermal Transfer Ribbon for chemicals and heavy industry labelling and marking

What Thermal Transfer Ribbon should we choose for chemical and heavy industry applications? Oil barrels, heavy industry items, hazardous chemicals labelling and markings. Where shall we start?

Ensure proper safety and traceability information for chemical labelling and markings

Safety is a key priority when supplying chemicals within the EMEA market. Which is why, to ensure both human and environmental safety, the packaging of items are carefully marked with safety and warning symbols as well as, instructions should one get in direct contact with the substance. Safety plays a crucial role during the manufacturing, transport and retail stages. Certainly, the ability to reduce workplace incidents and to respond swiftly to quality audits and product defects can make or break the success of any business.

In view of this, today’s businesses are to comply with specific classification, labelling and packaging regulations such as the UN’s Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS). As a consequence, such optimised traceability and communication measures allow professionals within the chemical industry to facilitate a safe manufacturing and trading process. Hence, the quality of the variable code printing such as warning signs and barcodes is therefore of crucial importance.

Products recommended for chemicals and heavy industry items

Find the Thermal Transfer Ribbon that fits your specific needs.

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Chemical barrel warning labels

Reduce risks in printing labelling with variable data that are exposed to harsh environments

When it comes to securing variable information on substances such as cleaning agents, pesticides or paint, the most important step is to choose a fitting printing technique. In any case, chemical and other exposure put any print to the test regardless of the printing technology. Even so, even in the toughest environments, Thermal Transfer printing proves to be suitable to render industry compliant results with resistance against:

  • UV exposure, heat,
  • Solvent exposure e.g. IPA, ethanol or oils,
  • Scratching and smudging.
Chemical product labelling - Handsanitisers

Thermal Transfer Ribbons meeting requirements for chemicals and heavy industry items

Selecting the right Thermal Transfer Ribbon is a crucial part of ensuring traceability throughout product lifetime and long after. Yet, before making a decision on the ribbon type, it’s essential to know the most important factors of what makes a perfect thermal transfer print. When choosing which Thermal Transfer Ribbon to go with, first consider the following:

  • What do I need the Thermal Transfer Ribbon for?
  • Do I have specific requirements such as isopropyl alcohol or ethanol or UV durability?
  • What is the substrate I need to print on e.g. PP, PE, PET?
  • Do I have a near-edge or a flat-head printer at my disposal?
  • What settings does my printer type allow me for?

This way, by harmonising ribbon, substrate, printer type and printer settings and application, we can assure of producing the ultimate print result.

Chemical product manufacturing process

DNP Thermal Transfer Ribbons: quality according to high Japanese standards

DNP Thermal Transfer Ribbons are produced using strict quality measurement systems to ensure high-quality products to all our customers. Owing to stringent regulations, within the chemical industry, most DNP Thermal Transfer Ribbons are developed to comply with one or more industry certifications. Should you wish to find out which ribbons are compliant with your specific application, just take a look at our compliance overview. The DNP assortment contains wax, wax resin and resin ribbons to match different needs. The ultimate chemical resistance can be found in our R550 resin

Chemical barrel labelling

Peace-of-mind for your ribbon selection with DNP’s in-house lab and on-site testing support

With production running on the side, testing new products can be challenging at times. This is why we offer to help you test products in DNP’s in-house lab or on-site. Let it be a challenging application that you need our help with, or finding the right ribbon and substrate combination, DNP’s knowledgeable product and industry experts are ready to take your requests at any time.

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