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Thermal Transfer Ribbon for textile labelling and marking

What Thermal Transfer Ribbon should we choose for textile labelling and marking? Apparel, bed linen, carpets or other fabrics, where shall one start?

Secure compliance with evolving regulations for clothing and textiles

Apparel and textile labelling are not new, however, it is something that needs attention. As it happens, labels are not only a traceability tool but also a great communication method for verifiable information throughout the supply chain. That is why providing consumers with easy-to-understand and reliable information is essential for manufacturers and retailers. Obligatory labelling such as the EU’s Textile Regulation is becoming more and more stringent. This also helps brand-owners, manufacturers and distributors to efficiently handle product recalls and audits. Furthermore, it enables effective communication on product care and branding to the consumer.

Products recommended for labelling of textile

Find the Thermal Transfer Ribbon that fits your specific needs.

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Apparel production and labelling

Reduce risk through traceability of textile items

Retail products such as textiles and apparel are required to display information such as:

  • Country of origin
  • Fibre composition
  • Any non-textile parts e.g. animal origin
  • Wash and care labelling
  • Brand info
  • Barcodes

Yet, to deliver reliable variable information on clothes and textiles to end-users, a suitable print technique needs to be selected. Certainly, contact with substances like detergents, steam, sanitisers and oils, frequent washing all affect the durability of printed information. Even so, Thermal Transfer Printing proves to be one of the most reliable techniques. It enables durable print that meets the compliance standards in the textile industry.

Garment care label readability after washing

Choosing the right TTR for fashion and apparel marking

Selecting the right Thermal Transfer Ribbon for printing on general, organic compostable, biodegradable or recyclable labels, is a critical step to achieving variable print excellence. Yet, durable print results can only be achieved when the substrate, application, the ribbon and printer settings are all harmonised. That is why it is important to consider the following aspects:

  • Application: clothing labels, labelling for textiles like carpets, furniture, bedding,
  • Durability requirements: resistance against heat, detergent, fabric softener, vinegar, water,
  • The substrate to print on: woven and nonwoven fabrics, films, synthetics and stations,
  • Type of Thermal Transfer printer available, what settings does it allow.

Consequently, the combination of the above will decide which ribbon is needed.


Care labelling with Thermal Transfer Ribbon

DNP: Japanese heritage in quality TTR

In the past decades, DNP has developed a broad portfolio of Thermal Transfer Ribbons. It includes products for textile labelling to fit your specific printing and durability needs. DNP Thermal Transfer Ribbons are produced using strict Japanese quality standards. Therefore, we can ensure high-quality TTR to the global market. The DNP assortment includes all types of ribbons: wax, wax resin and resin. We also offer ribbons that are especially made for use on textile, such as R395.


Apparel care labelling with Thermal Transfer Printer and Ribbon

Peace-of-mind for your ribbon selection with DNP’s in-house lab and on-site testing support

When it comes to selecting the optimal TTR, TTR experts offer both in-house lab testing and on-site support. That way, you can reduce your risks of picking a Thermal Transfer Ribbon that is not suited for your specific needs, and choose the testing support that best works for you. By all means, we are here assist you in harmonising ribbon with your printer, substrate and application requirements by analysing your specific needs. As a result, we aim to enable compliance with internal and regulatory standards. So challenge us with your application and our Thermal Transfer Ribbon experts will support you on harmonising the most essential printing factors to get the ultimate printing result.

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