Peace-of-mind on variable code printing

Printing variable codes is a small, but crucial step in many of today’s key processes. The impact of unscannable codes is high, as it affects areas such as compliance, product safety and brand reputation. That is why a well-printed barcode, that scans and lasts, is an important and low-cost asset in product identification, traceability and brand protection. Thermal Transfer is a secure printing technique that delivers durable results and provides peace-of-mind to manufacturers on variable code printing.

Thermal Transfer Ribbon Slitting

Thermal Transfer Ribbons:  delivering the required print, when you need it.

High-quality Thermal Transfer Ribbons enable uninterrupted printing of variable code according to your exact application needs.

Once the printer settings are correctly set, and you have chosen the right combination of substrate and ribbon, the continuous flow of flawlessly printed codes will help you focus on the core of your production process.

TTR rolls customised to your need

Ribbons and service according to your exact needs

Users of DNP Thermal Transfer Ribbons safeguard themselves, making sure that variable code print is not holding back their production targets. The size of the variable code or barcode print determines the width of the Thermal Transfer Ribbon. For the most cost-efficient printing, we offer to tailor the ribbon to the requirements of each manufacturer. At the same time, replenishments should be available at the exact moment the user needs them: on-time, as requested.

At DNP our aim is to provide a truly customer-focused service. We tailor our ribbons based on the exact requirements of the customer, such as:

  • Roll width,
  • Roll length,
  • Core requirements (material, notches),
  • Leader customisation,
  • Printer specific trailer requirements,
  • Packaging volume.
Versatile Thermal Transfer Ribbons - DNP

DNP: Peace-of-mind on variable code printing

Throughout the past decades, DNP has developed a broad portfolio of Thermal Transfer Ribbons from wax and wax/resin to highly durable resin ranges. In addition, DNP is renowned for high-quality Japanese products owing to its strict quality measurement systems. For this reason, DNP can offer life-time guarantee against any manufacturing defects for TTR according to normal conditions of use and storage.

Our customers can expect a carefree experience, both in terms of product quality and delivery requirements. DNP TTR experts help you harmonise substrate, the printer with the correct Thermal Transfer Ribbon, offering in-house lab testing and on-site support, so you can achieve optimal results matching your scannability and durability requirement.

Tailored variable print support with DNP Thermal Transfer Ribbons.

DNP specialises in helping you harmonise substrate, printer and ribbon. All this, with ribbons tailored to your needs and technical support in our DNP lab or on-site, in your own production environment.
Because at DNP, we believe in partnership, that provides the swift and tailor-made answers that you need.

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