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Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Readable and scannable codes can be a life-saver in environments that demand high durability from both label and print. As an example, packaging of chemicals/pharmaceuticals, medical devices, electronic/laboratory markings, car parts and pipe identification are items where proper product identification ensures that critical information is readable several years after printing. Curious about the possibilities of Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbons for your company?

Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbons prove extreme durability

Thermal Transfer has proven to be a popular, highly durable print technique which produces scannable print results. Therefore, Thermal Transfer Printing with resin ribbons is the preferred choice when for applications requiring durability against:

  • Certain chemicals such as IPA, ethanol,
  • Oils like motor oil, vegetable oil etc,
  • Extreme temperature both extreme heat and freezing,
  • Frequent handling and severe abrasion such as scratching, smudging, rubbing.

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Versatile Thermal Transfer Ribbons - DNP

There’s a Ribbon for each material and exposure

Different substrates and durability requirements might require a specific Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon formulation. That is why the combination of ribbon, substrate and correct printer settings should be considered to determine the quality of the print. For instance, resin TTR (Thermal Transfer Ribbon) generally requires a higher transfer temperature setting of the printer over wax or wax/resin ribbons. However, resins also offer more durability of the printed image.

Thermal Transfer Ribbon Slitting

DNP: the leader in Resin Ribbons that fulfill your needs

Since the early ’80s, DNP (Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd.) has built-up a long-standing history of developing Thermal Transfer Ribbons. Its resin assortment is constantly evolving to meet evolving industry requirements. Our R&D team and market experts work closely together to bring relevant innovations to the market. As a result, our latest introduction, V300, offers versatility on many different substrates for a wide range of applications. This reduces the number of different ribbons needed to deliver the correct variable print.

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