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Vygintas Bliūdžius





What kind of company is UAB “Printmark Group”?

UAB “Printmark Group” is a producer of Thermal Transfer Ribbons, label products, industrial printers and materials. We are based in Lithuania.

When we started the company in 1994, I was one of Printmark’s co-founders. Around 2001, we started focusing on the Thermal Transfer Ribbon market and ever since the focus has shifted towards TTR for Printmark, as a company. The ribbon market is exciting and our 31 employees including myself enjoy working in it every day.

How is your relationship and collaboration with DNP?

‘DNP is one of our most important suppliers of Thermal Transfer Ribbons, we started collaborating in 2001 when we installed our first TTR-slitter.

Before DNP, we worked with other companies, and we ran into frustrations and issues more often than not. Issues like mediocre communication, inflated prices and inconsistent quality occurred a lot.

When we started working with DNP, such issues disappeared almost instantly. Certainly, DNP is a fantastic partner to have and one who delivers on their promise constantly. Our partnership brings us many benefits – I even dare say they are the catalyst to our success.’

In what way does DNP help with Printmark Group goals?

‘DNP is a professional TTR-manufacturer, with a long history in the TTR market. Their reputation is flawless and the level of trust they experience in the market reflects UAB “Printmark Group”’s trust as well.

Their Ribbon TR4085plus® has been a best seller for years and is good enough reason for our clients for repeat business. Just like the M265, it’s easy to integrate and can be used for various purposes. On a final note: sales have increased significantly ever since we started collaborating with DNP.

What do we hope for the future? Definitely, that we can strengthen our relationship. We look forward to new products, attractive pricing and even closer collaboration.