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How would you describe Lintec as a company?

‘We are a leading, Japanese organisation in the self-adhesive market. In a nutshell, we provide self-adhesive paper and films for labels, window films, LCD-products, semiconductor adhesives, release liners and speciality papers.

Overall, Lintec currently employs 4800 enthusiastic people and we provide our services globally. In Europe, we mostly deliver label stocks for use in the industrial, pharmaceutical, automotive and niche speciality markets.

The best thing about Lintec and what we do is that we get to meet many different people from various backgrounds and cultures. One of which is DNP, who we’ve been collaborating with for over a decade.

Is DNP better than other suppliers?

‘DNP sells some very unique durable ribbons that are highly compatible with our label materials. That is why, when these components are combined they often offer a completely unique and highly durable solution.

When it comes to quality, we have many years of experience regarding DNP Thermal Transfer Ribbons. For the reason that they are both reliable to print and reliable in service.

Without a doubt, DNP’s service is very effective. They are technically competent, friendly and always willing to lend a hand. So we feel that we can really count on them.

Are there benefits to collaborating with DNP that aren’t obvious?

‘I’ll have to mention the people again. At DNP, everyone is always friendly and a certain informality is present; all communication happens in a pleasant way. Undoubtedly, we know we can count on each other with questions or remarks.

In addition to friendliness, DNP also shares experiences of the end-users with us so we can anticipate market developments in the future.

Lintec specialises in durable value-added markets around Europe, and it is very helpful that we are able to share relevant market information. Certainly, DNP is very open and willing to do this.