In a nutshell...

What kind of company is mobit?

mobit stands for “mobile IT”. We are a leading systems integrator, active mainly in Switzerland since 2001. mobit offers hardware, develops software solutions and provides services in the fields of mobile computing (mobile data collection, data communication) and labelling & identification (label printing systems, barcode scanning, RFID, voice).


How would you describe your relationship and collaboration with DNP?

DNP is an important and valuable partner of mobit. For many years, the collaboration has always been excellent. Our customers require fast answers. In case of questions, the key account managers of mobit can rely on DNP for all kinds of relevant information.


In what way does DNP help with mobit’s goals?

DNP contributes to the success of mobit and our numerous customers. We appreciate the constant quality and conformity of DNP ribbons for many applications. This supports the long-standing business relationship with even the most demanding customers of mobit.


What is your most positive experience with DNP?

So far, we only share good experiences with DNP. Besides daily business, the best experience was the support we received around the integration of a company mobit took over, such as consolidation activities, training of new employees and data migration.