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Thermal Transfer Ribbon for the automotive industry

The variable code on different car parts is exposed to distinct conditions. What Thermal Transfer Ribbon should one choose for a specific application?

Securing readable variable print in a demanding environment

Hundreds of barcodes are present in each car. The reason is that these codes provide us with crucial information. This enables identification of parts throughout the life of the vehicle. These variable prints are often heavily exposed. Typical things are:

  • solvents, e.g. gasoline
  • motor oil
  • cooling fluid
  • extreme temperatures high/low
  • UV-light


Any participant in the automotive supply chain needs codes that always read and scan. As a result, the car industry is one of the most challenging environments for printed variable information.

Products recommended for the automotive industry

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Finding print technology that secures traceability during the life of the vehicle  

Choosing the right technique is vital in making that codes on car parts remain scannable after many years. The reason is that print needs to withstand any logical exposure such as heat, abrasion, solvents, oil and UV-light. These combinations put any print to the test. Thermal Transfer Print is a proven, rugged technique. Therefore, it is able to deliver results that meet the strictest standards in the industry.

Car washing - label durability

Thermal Transfer Ribbons delivering the needs of the automotive industry

First of all, the correct Thermal Transfer Ribbon needs to be chosen. Thereby enabling a solid print, fit to deal with the expected exposures for a car part.  The combination of ribbon, substrate and printer settings determines the final quality. Therefore, the substrate and required resistance determine if a Resin, Wax/Resin or Wax ribbon is needed. Each has specific qualities that make it the best choice for an application. Within these categories, there are different products, specifically made to withstand combined exposures. The final step to ensure the print will outlast the vehicle life is to set optimal print settings. Consequently, the correct printing temperature, pressure and speed need to be found for the combination of ribbon and substrate.

Automobile production

DNP: securing scannable codes throughout the vehicle

DNP has a proven track record in enabling durable print in the automotive industry. As a result, major manufacturers trace car parts through codes that are printed with DNP ribbons. From UV resistant windshield labels to heat resistant materials on engines, DNP is delivering the right Thermal Transfer Ribbon. We closely cooperate with substrate and printer manufacturers. As a result, DNP continues to deliver products that meet the ever-increasing standards in the automotive industry. Furthermore, we are ready to deliver on-site support in case of specific challenges. Thereby you can ensure that each car contains the codes it needs to be traceable throughout all of its kilometres.

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