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Thermal Transfer Ribbons for electronics labelling and marking

Smartphone batteries, laptop chargers, house appliances and the packaging and labelling of these products. Where should one start? What Thermal Transfer Ribbon should we choose for applications within the electronics industry?

Complying with EU’s labelling requirements for electronics and electronic devices

EU labelling requirements such as UL marks or The Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) for electronics such as household appliances, toys and medical devices are strict and regularly updated. When it comes to product safety standards, energy labels and markings contain the variable information needed for traceability like serial numbers, hazardous materials or energy requirements. Such labelling needs to withstand harsh production environments like heat and exposure to different substances and needs to remain readable throughout the product’s life.

As the assembly, logistics and use after-purchase all pose specific challenges to the print, highly durable variable print that always reads and scans is fundamental. All this, to set today’s businesses up for success and enable them to secure compliant labelling.

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Find the Thermal Transfer Ribbon that fits your specific needs.

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Electrical cable labelling

Reduce risks in printing codes and product information

To ensure variable information on electronics remains readable during any exposure, the right printing technology is to be selected. Despite the fact that the printing technique is not enough in itself to create durable variable prints, it is a first and critical step to compliance. Depending on the application, even the most durable variable codes may be put to the test, when exposed to:

  • Abrasion, scratching or smudging,
  • Extreme temperatures like heat building up in chargers etc,
  • Certain substances such as cleaning products, water or IPA.


Thermal Transfer Print has a proven track record in providing durable variable data printing on electronics and electronic devices. And it has become one of the most popular technologies to use, due to its ability to meet the compliance standards of the industry. When aiming to reduce risks and have peace-of-mind in printing variable codes, manufacturers often turn to UL/CE certified product combinations (substrate vs. ink/ribbon).

Electronic device labelling and assembly

Thermal Transfer Ribbons: secure variable data printing for electronic applications

Selecting the right TTR can be challenging at first. This being said, since TTR is only one component of the entire picture, with careful consideration of the following factors, both readable and durable prints can be achieved:

  • What do I need the Thermal Transfer Ribbon for?
  • Do I have specific requirements such as IPA or ethanol or low-temperature durability?
  • What is the substrate I need to print on e.g. PP, PE, PET?
  • Do I have a near-edge or a flat-head printer at my disposal?
  • What settings does my printer type allow me for?


The combination of ribbon, substrate, printer type and printer settings and application, allows one to produce the ultimate result.

Electronics labelling

Deliver compliant variable code excellence with DNP’s Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Since the early ’80s, DNP Thermal Transfer Ribbons have a proven track record in developing TTR for variable printing of electronic applications. To support the electronics industry, most DNP’s ribbons have a list of UL certified combinations that ensure compliance for electronic labelling, when it comes to the combination of label/material stock and Thermal Transfer Ribbon. Depending of the specific electronic application, DNP offers wax, wax resin and resin ribbons.

Owing to high Japanese standards, DNP Thermal Transfer Ribbons are produced using strict quality measurement systems to ensure high-quality products to all our customers.

Electronics and electronic device labelling

Peace-of-mind for your ribbon selection with DNP’s in-house lab and on-site testing support

When it comes to selecting the optimal TTR, DNP experts offer both in-house lab testing and on-site support. That way, you can reduce your risks of picking a Thermal Transfer Ribbon that is not suited for your specific needs, and choose the testing support that best works for you. By all means, we are here assist you in harmonising ribbon with your printer, substrate and application requirements by analysing your specific needs. As a result, we aim to enable compliance with internal and regulatory standards.

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