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Czech Republic


What kind of company is TFP Universal?

Ľubica:TFP Universal converts materials from suppliers worldwide. For example, materials such as cardboard, paper and foils are used in different industrial applications. In addition, we deliver TTR printers, terminals, barcode scanners and software.

Since 2002, we have been doing so in three divisions:

  • Thermal Transfer Technology,
  • Double-sided adhesives,
  • Warm-and-cold stamps and lamination.

TFP Universal consists of 80 employees, who all find it very important to adopt new technologies. That is why we always invest in the best new materials and products.

We do this so we can offer our clients the latest and best choices and options. While many companies solely think about profits, we most certainly do not. Our goal is clear: we always want to put our clients’ wishes and desires first’.

In what way does DNP help your company achieve these goals?

Simon: ‘We have been collaborating with DNP for over twenty years and that is of course for good reason. Certainly, DNP is one of those companies that wants a close partnership. At DNP, they don’t just want to sell ribbons. They really want to collaborate with us and deliver the best products and service.

When it comes to quality, DNP manufactured products are one of the best in the market.

TFP Universal has many clients in various industries such as automotive, electronics and chemicals. These industries have a strong need for exceptional quality and reliable ribbons.

Furthermore, DNP knows like no other that it’s not just about the product itself. While the ribbons, of course, have to be of exceptional quality, they also have to match the application and customer‘s equipment perfectly. This aspect, DNP understands and executes very well.

How would you describe your partnership with DNP?

Ľubica: ‘Very good. DNP is professional, always open to discussion and they know what they sell.

Two years ago, we had some quality issues with one of the shipments. In hindsight, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise. At the time, DNP was very helpful and open to our criticism.

They were genuinely interested in our opinion, so they could solve problems. Back then, we were still a small client to them and we were amazed DNP was willing to invest the amount of time and energy in us as they did.

We obviously strengthened our partnership ever since. A supplier that shows the amount of willingness as DNP does deserve trust.’