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DNP Hologram label provides security to brands

DNP makes advanced hologram security products for protection against product and brand counterfeit. Amongst others, our Lippman and Embossed holograms guard against brand piracy and document falsification.

Identity document anticounterfeit and security

Ultimate brand-protection and security against counterfeit

Product counterfeit and piracy pose a great threat to the brand reputation and profit of today’s businesses. As the trade of piracy goods is booming, industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, retail, and health and beauty and governmental organisations are all the more affected. That is why the use of well-implemented anti-counterfeit tools increasingly becomes a must throughout the entire supply chain.

Fortunately, today’s technology allows for a wide variety of tools, like radio frequency identification and the use of hologram security technology.

Product security for health and safety

The real costs of consuming counterfeit products

With online shopping booming, distinguishing between real and fake is more difficult than ever. Often, a professional-looking website and quality images can fool consumers into purchasing counterfeiters without realising the risks. However, fraudulent products are often of poorer quality and can potentially be unsafe in comparison with their original counterparts. Amongst others, consumers may face risks like:

  • Health risks: Hygiene policies are often not following EU standards during the production of goods like medicines, cosmetics and perfumes. As a result, this increases allergy risks and the occurrence of other side-effects.
  • Environmental risks: Producers often disregard environmental regulations, for example by the use of toxic substances.
  • Safety risks: Forged electronic goods and replacement parts often don’t fulfil the requirements stated in European safety regulations. This often leads to malfunctioning and overheating. Ultimately, this could even lead to life-threatening injuries.

Hologram technology: A powerful step against fakes

Let it be in the form of hologram labels, hologram transfer labels or hologram Thermal Transfer prints, the application is a highly-effective anti-forging instrument. This is because the manufacturing process requires highly technologically advanced machinery, which makes forgery virtually impossible.

Therefore, holograms are a popular tool used by both governmental and corporate bodies in applications for:

  • Identification documents like passports, ID cards, bank cards, driver licenses,
  • Tickets for festivals, public transport etc.,
  • Products and parts like car parts, electronics, alcohol, pharmaceutical equipment, medicines, fashion items and many more.
DNP hologram labels, and overlaminates for document and product security

DNP Hologram labels: Security according to high Japanese standards

Throughout the years, DNP has become a world-leading Japanese manufacturer of security products and has developed a longstanding experience in cutting-edge hologram technology. It is currently one of the only manufacturers capable of producing both Lippmann and Embossed holograms.

Owing to its high Japanese standards, DNP develops and manufactures hologram products using strict quality measurement systems to ensure high-quality security products to all our customers.

Embossed Hologram

DNP Embossed hologram

A high-definition hologram that iridescently changes colour through the spectrum of the rainbow when viewed from various angles. When it comes to embossed holograms, images are produced by recording the optical interference pattern of the hologram as fine unevenness on the film surface. Even though it requires sophisticated machinery, embossed holograms are suitable for mass production at relatively low cost.

Lippmann Hologram

The Lippmann hologram is a next-generation high-security hologram capable of expressing 3D effects in all directions. Interestingly, it records the interference pattern of light reflected from an object by changing the density inside the material of the special photopolymer layer coated on the film. Since the production of this type of hologram requires advanced reproduction technology, only a limited number of manufactures worldwide are capable of mass-producing these holograms.

Animation of the Lippman Hologram

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