M295HD 4.0: DNP’s new wax/resin TTO ribbon for increased run-times & less waste

M295HD 4.0 is an excellent choice for anyone looking to increase run-time and speed, and decrease carbon footprint with the peace-of-mind of a trusted, drop-in compatible ribbon.

M295HD 4.0 is a premium near-edge wax/resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon, designed for the increasing demands of the print-on-packaging industry: HIGH SPEED, INCREASED EFFICIENCY & LESS WASTE.

M295HD 4.0 is a wax/resin formulation now available on a 4.0 micron PET film; allowing for extra-long production runs with fewer change-overs. Thanks to its thinner base film compared to the well-known M295HD on 4.5-micron film PET, we are now able to deliver rolls of up to 2000 meters, depending on the printer type.

“With the new M295HD 4.0, we are going to great lengths to enable your customer’s coding needs!” – Coen de Graaf, Sales Manager EMEA

This Thermal Transfer Ribbon is developed for optimal performance in diverse applications such as Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Cosmetics, and many others.

M295HD 4.0 Print-on-packaging wax/resin thermal transfer ribbon product performance

Product performance features of M294HD 4.0

To learn more about M295HD 4.0 on a technical level, check out the M295HD 4.0 product page.

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