What is Thermal Transfer Printing used for?

Thermal transfer printing is a widely used, proven technique for the printing of variable data such as barcodes, serial, batch and lot numbers. It’s a system, where heat is used to transfer ink from a Thermal Transfer Ribbon onto a substrate such as labels or flexible packaging.

What do you need for Thermal Transfer Printing?

Thermal Transfer Printing has several crucial elements. You need a Thermal Transfer Printer, labels or flexible packaging fitting to your specific application and a quality Thermal Transfer Ribbon that matches with all these components smoothly.

Optimising your Polyart substrates with DNP’s Thermal Transfer Ribbons

DNP has a long-standing history in working with printer, label and flexible packaging manufacturers to help you optimise your print results. For each application, DNP has a matching Thermal Transfer Ribbon. This time, we have partnered up with Arjobex, the well-known manufacturer of the synthetic papers called Polyart.

We have carried out extensive testing on several common Polyart substrates with our wax, wax resin and resin formulations. Needless to say, we have found a great number of combinations for you to choose from.

Arjobex - DNP Overview

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