DNP introduces M295HD with a new, sustainable DNP Tough Core

DNP is introducing M295HD, an improved version of the M295Plus near-edge wax/resin thermal transfer ribbon. Offering higher print density and durability with a print speed of up to 800mm/second (32 IPS) makes M295HD the perfect solution for flexible packaging applications. The product is now available on the market with a new sustainable tough core, allowing for fewer ribbon loading issues, while providing superior core strength to that of the popularly used polystyrene core.

Improved performance, excellent durability

The “HD” in M295HD refers to the high density of the image the ribbon is capable of printing. With the M295HD, you can print high-density texts and different types of barcodes at standard settings. Due to the intensity of its blackness, it can potentially help you gain more business when comparing it to other near-edge wax/resin ribbons on the market.

M295 HD - M295Plus - Competitor A Comparison Graph

M295HD performance definitions
Criteria Definition
Print speed The speed at which a ribbon prints and still produces acceptable images
Printability Surface characteristics on the printed substrate that relate to printing quality
Versatility The range of materials a ribbon will print on
Abrasion resistance Ability to withstand smudging and scratching
Scannability Barcode scan acceptability
Print darkness The measure of blackness of an image

M295HD performs exceptionally when it comes to durability compared to its competition and predecessor. M295HD offers safety against disappearing prints when the print comes in contact with greasy solvents. Therefore, the ribbon’s high smudge resistance could be a beneficial trait when printing in greasy work environments.

Oil durability test comparison* 

Oil durability comparison - M295HD-M295Plus-CompetitorA

*The printed materials are rubbed by an abrasion tester with vegetable oil by 400g weight for 50 times.

Additionally, M295HD performs well against peel-off and abrasion against friction, which could reduce issues in shipping or manufacturing processes. This is especially important, where printing materials are exposed to conditions, such as industrial refrigerators or applications involving heavy or frequent handling.

M295HD on flexible packaging applications

M295HD is especially recommended for you if you are in need of a ribbon that has:

  • Outstanding image density
  • Possibilities for high-speed printing
  • Resistance to abrasion and smudge

This ribbon performs great in several industries such as the food & beverage, healthcare, retail and health & beauty industries. M295HD serves a great advantage for packaging solutions such as:

M295HD application solutions
Industry      Applications
Food & Beverage
  • Fresh food packaging e.g. meat, dairy, fish, produce
  • Food packaging e.g. ready meals, dried fruits, snacks, pasta, pet foods
  • Frozen food packaging e.g. frozen vegetables, pizza, ice cream
  • Pharmaceutical packaging e.g. a medical kit, bandage packaging, tamper-evident labels
  • Retail labelling solutions e.g. cloth labelling, shelf edge tagging, product price tagging
Health & Beauty
  • Health and beauty solutions e.g. cosmetics, toiletries

Introducing the core innovation: DNP Tough Core

In the past years, loading and unloading thermal transfer ribbons with a polystyrene core have oftentimes proved to be difficult. If you’ve ever faced this issue, it most probably happened due to the measurement differences in the core’s inner diameter. Therefore, to help you reduce changeover issues, after extensive testing on strength, hygiene and clean room capability, we are introducing the DNP Tough Core.

TTR core deformation comparison

TTR core deformation comparison

The DNP Tough Core is a tough sustainable paper core. It not only offers more consistency in its internal diameter measurements but is also stronger than the polystyrene core. This new tough paper core is slip resistance approved and is a more environmentally-friendly alternative to the plastic core. Since it is produced from a renewable commodity, it contributes to lower greenhouse gas emissions*.

If you are interested in a core that is:

  • Stronger than the polystyrene core
  • More consistent in its measurements
  • Eco-friendlier*
  • More economical

Then our new DNP Tough Core could be a great alternative for you!

*A kilo of paper causes fewer greenhouse gases and depletion of raw materials than a kilo of plastic. This comparison also takes into account the proportion of recycled material in paper.

Put M295HD to the test yourself

Are you interested in trying out the M295HD thermal transfer ribbon and the new DNP Tough Core? Request a free sample today! You can do this via an email to or via the form below.

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Supplied via DNP partner distributors and resellers

M295HD, like other DNP thermal transfer ribbons, is available for purchase via a network of partner distributors, OEMs and resellers. Should you be interested in becoming one of the aforementioned partners, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Are you a ribbon user yourself and would like to try out or purchase M295HD? Our team is ready to answer your questions and needs, to discuss your projects and, if required, point you to the most suitable DNP reseller.