What are wax/resin thermal transfer ribbons? 

Thermal Transfer Ribbons come in three main groups: wax, wax/resin, and resin. This animation and article explain the specifics of wax/resin Thermal Transfer Ribbons. Wax/resin ribbons are named after the combination of natural wax and synthetic organic compound resin that are used to carry the ink.

DNP Thermal Transfer Linten - Wax-resin

What are wax/resin ribbons used for?

They are the most versatile in applications and offer good resistance against mild solvents and chemicals. Typical uses of wax/resin ribbons include food and beverage packaging, as well as automotive and outdoor applications.

Package labelling and marking

How to print with wax/resin ribbons?

Wax/resin ribbons are used on desktop and industrial printers. They are the preferred choice when it comes to in-line printing at high speeds, because of the quick release of ink. And it’s the best choice for printing on flexible packaging.

Printing with a wax/resin ribbon is normally done at medium heat settings of the Thermal Transfer Printer. The print is very resistant to abrasion, heat, solvents, and other chemicals when compared to a wax ribbon.

Wax/resin ribbons are available for both flat-head and near-edge/TTO printers.

Inside of a Thermal Transfer Printer

What substrate should you print on with a wax/resin ribbon?

Wax/resin formulations can be used on a wide variety of substrates, with special formulations available for coated papers and smooth or matte synthetic materials. 

The wax component in the ribbon helps overcome unevenness in the material, while the resin part creates a durable fixation of the pigment and ensures higher resistance.

Food and beverage labelling and marking technology

What kind of wax/resin formulations does DNP offer?

DNP provides a complete range of wax/resin ribbons that enable you to easily print high-quality coding on a wide range of materials depending on your exact needs.

The DNP range includes qualities for flexible packaging such as M295HD 4.0 for smooth materials and TR4500 for rougher substrates. Additionally, it offers a range of high-quality wax/resin formulations for flat-head printers as well such as the standard TR5080 wax, resin, DNP’s versatile wax/resin M255, and the highly resistant, premium quality wax/resin M265.

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