M255 is a versatile all-round flat-head Thermal Transfer wax resin, and delivers premium high-quality print on many different substrates.

It can print deep black barcodes and other variable information that is easily read. Furthermore, it also delivers excellent small character clarity and edge definition.

M255 is designed to print on a wide variety of receiving materials, including coated and uncoated paper labels and tags, varnished label stock, and flood-coat. M255 is therefore an excellent choice for many applications.

If you are looking for a print with a high scratch & smudge resistance that needs to remain scannable for a longer period of time? M255 is the first product to consider!

We developed this wax resin for flat-head printers with versatility in mind, and as a result it can often do what a resin can also do.

Order your free sample now and put our most versatile flat-head wax resin M255 to the test yourself!

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