Which Thermal Transfer ribbons work best on different substrates?

Recently, our trusted partner Polyart asked us which ribbons work best on their substrates. Before answering this question, it is important to know; What type of printer do you use? Which label do you want to use? Is the label coated? What should the print be resistant to?

The type of printer we have agreed upon for testing in this case is a flat-head printer. In this vlog, we test the durability of different ribbons on Polyart STD 75, which is a coated synthetic substrate. Further, Polyart has requested the print to be resistant against things like fish oil, butter and vinegar.

Which Thermal Transfer ribbons were selected for testing on Polyart STD 75?

For each application, DNP has a matching Thermal Transfer Ribbon. This time, we have tested several ribbons that would deliver a high quality print on Polyart STD 75.  As you can see in the overview below, Polyart STD 75 is the first on the list and can be combined with almost all of our Thermal Transfer ribbons. We wanted to take a closer look and see how Polyart STD 75 would react on different formulations. Therefore, we chose a versatile wax resin M255, a durable wax resin M265 and a versatile resin V300.

Arjobex - DNP Overview

What steps are taken during the process of testing Polyart STD 75?

After having all the information as mentioned above, it is time to start testing. First, our experienced team have selected three different ribbons that matches the substrate of Polyart. Then we look at the printer settings and after adjusting them accordingly, our team can now deliver a high quality print. The next step is to test Polyart STD 75 on our smudge machine. This device is used to measure abrasion, scratch resistance and solvent resistance. In the end, we measure the readability of the barcode with our verifier, and lastly compare the results with the original print.

Which Thermal Transfer ribbon works best on Polyart STD 75?

As our host Kees has discussed in the vlog, all of the selected ribbons scored really well when looking at the results. As a conclusion, our recommendation is: M255 as the most economical option, M265 is a more durable wax/resin and the most secure option is our V300!

Fore more detailed information, we kindly refer you to our durability testing report, which was created together with our partner Arjobex. In this report, you will have a better understanding of our data and it also includes explanations of the terms to give you a better understanding on how we look at the test results.

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