What are wax thermal transfer ribbons? 

Thermal Transfer Ribbons come in three main groups: wax, wax/resin, and resin. This animation and article explain the specifics of wax Thermal Transfer Ribbons. Wax ribbons are named after the wax ingredient that carries the ink. Here, a dark, high-density print ensures flawless scanning.

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What are wax ribbons used for?

Typical applications of wax ribbons include labels for shipping and inventory management, as well as retail tags. However, you may come across wax-printed labels and other substrates in many industries. This comes as wax formulations are the most common ribbons used in Thermal Transfer Printing.

What is the difference between wax and resin ribbons?

Compared to resin and wax/resin ribbons, the prints are less resistant to friction/abrasion and exposure to things like heat, solvents, and other chemicals.

Packaging and labelling traceability

How to print with wax ribbons?

Printing with a wax ribbon is normally done at the lower ending of the heat-setting of the Thermal Transfer Printer. The easy transfer of the ink onto the substrate ensures a hassle-free printing process.

Wax ribbons are mostly used on flat-head printers. The typical printing speed of a good-quality wax ribbon differs depending on the substrate.

On paper materials, one can often achieve a print speed of 4-10 IPS, whereas on smoother materials you may reach up to 8-20 IPS depending on the settings, print material, and formulation.

Thermal Transfer Printing with the right Thermal Transfer Ribbon on your substrate

What substrate should print on with a wax ribbon?

Of all the Thermal Transfer Ribbons, wax formulations give the best print results on rougher substrates such as uncoated paper and Tyvek®.

The wax easily melts into the uneven areas ensuring dark, high-quality print results. In addition, wax ribbons also print well on other papers and a range of synthetic materials such as PE and PP.

Barcodes printed on labels

What kind of wax formulations does DNP offer?

DNP provides a complete range of wax ribbons that enable you to easily print high-quality coding on a wide range of materials depending on your exact needs.

The DNP range includes resin-enhanced formulations for additional durability and sharp-edge definition such as the renowned TR4085Plus®, the industry’s leading wax product since its introduction to the market in 2000, or MP Wax, DNP economy wax for standard applications.

The overall portfolio also includes a variety of colored wax ribbons such as TR3021 (Red), TR3022 (Blue), or TR3023 (Green) for specialty applications.

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