What kind of work do you do at DNP?

You need to be very precise as a member of the assembly team. When an order for 34 pallets comes in, this means we need to sticker the rolls one by one before scanning them. We subsequently assemble the rolls in a cushioned bag, put a sticker on the bag, seal this unit and stack the bags on the pallets. There are three monitoring moments in this process, so after the pallets have been moved outside they also check whether everything has been scanned correctly. If not, the order is returned and you need to redo the entire pallet. You don’t want that, so it’s very important to stay sharp when you’re checking, labelling and scanning an order.

Which trait do you feel proudest of?

That I’m helpful. I’m always there for others – whether I’m at home or at work. I’m also proud of how I’ve developed as a person. I used to be very cautious, but my mother and sister have always encouraged me to stand up for myself a bit more. With success: I wouldn’t let anyone push me around anymore.

Do you feel at home at DNP?

Definitely. It has been nearly three years now since I was offered a permanent contract. I enjoy coming to work every day and I get on with everyone. It really feels like my company. It’s a calm work environment too, and you need to be very precise – which suits me. I like showing new people the ropes and helping them find their way around. Only recently, my boss remarked that I take my work very seriously and know exactly what I’m doing. As an employee, it feels nice to get a compliment like that – it shows you’re appreciated. And you’re also welcome to think along about the production process. When they announced that they’d be packing the rolls in paper rather than plastic bags, they presented a system with square sheets. I told them it would be much easier to roll if it were shaped like a cube. They’re open to that kind of input at DNP, which makes it a very pleasant workplace.