What kind of work do you do at DNP?

I head a team of seven on the shop floor. Part of the time for Special Products, but I mainly work for the Thermal Transfer Ribbons department. It’s a very interesting job – I’m happy that these doors have opened for me. As an assistant warehouse manager, I’m responsible for ensuring that all warehouse shipments arrive at the clients’ locations on time. This means ensuring that all orders are carried out, checking the boxes and pallets and assigning work to the order pickers. Basically, I make sure that the different activities all run as planned. I feel keenly aware of this responsibility. After a day’s work, you can often already find me preparing for the next day. I like getting the job done.

What makes you feel happy in your work?

When we’ve once again managed to get all the shipments ready on time. When everything is in order at the warehouse and we feel like we did it together. You can feel a very positive vibe on the shop floor when everyone’s doing a good job on their tasks and we’re working like a streamlined team. And you need to be patient every now and then. After all, you’re dealing with people, and people make mistakes sometimes. So it helps to remain calm and controlled. Particularly when it’s really busy, and people start getting stressed out. If you’re pacing around all worked up, this affects the atmosphere on the shop floor. One thing’s for sure: when you work at DNP, you’re never bored. Not just because every day brings a new challenge to get everything done on time – it’s also because we also work with a bunch of very nice people.

What else would you like to achieve at DNP?

A better structure and less clutter on the shop floor. Our clients may not notice, but the lack of space occasionally hinders us in our work. DNP has grown at a tremendous rate these past few years and things are starting to get cramped. Our deadline is 3:30 p.m., which allows the driver to leave by 3:45. Sometimes we aren’t finished on time because we constantly need to move things out of the way to get to the required materials. So now and then, we’ll still be working to make the final orders ready for shipping even while the driver is loading up. We need to do something about this lack of space.