What kind of work do you do at DNP?

I started in assembly, as an operator, and then moved up to assistant to the supervisor. This means training people, assigning tasks and ensuring that processes run smoothly. Our quality procedures are very strict at the Special Products department. In addition, we need to meet very tight deadlines. Which is also a good thing, since we work with valuable materials and important clients. At the same time, I feel it’s important to pay attention to the human side of this work. That’s why I always offer my co-workers a sympathetic ear and try to make sure people feel comfortable in their job. Our team has really become a kind of family: we’re very close.

What does your average day look like?

I come in, make a cup of coffee, chit-chat for a bit, handle the transfer and start assigning tasks. It’s not my style to keep slogging at it all day. There needs to be room for a joke or a brief talk every now and then too. After that, you can return to work with fresh enthusiasm. During the first night of a night shift, I always sit with my team for ten minutes before we start. They get a chance to share what’s on their mind and bring up any problems they may have run into. This openness really helps: we can generally resolve issues straight away. I also feel it’s important to have a positive, cheerful attitude. And to also recognise our achievements. That’s why on Friday, I always try to thank everyone personally before we go into the weekend. Because you know: ultimately, we’re all equal. The person who cleans up after us is just as important as we are, or our managers. We all need each other – and fortunately, you can feel this in the air at DNP.

What would you do if you suddenly became a millionaire?

I’d stay on at DNP – that’s how much I feel at home here. Although I might work a bit less than I do now. In addition, I’d take senior citizens on holidays to Portugal. As a church volunteer, I often meet senior citizens who don’t have a lot of money. I’d use that million to give these people a nice experience – to really make a difference for them. This is also something I strive for in my work. Of course it’s great to have a job, but what I like more than anything is when people feel at home at DNP. And when they feel like they belong here.