Facilitates printing on a wide range

DNP Imagingcomm Europe B.V. is pleased to announce the launch of a new V-series of thermal transfer ink ribbons. As the first V-series resin product, V300 is optimal for printing barcodes on a wide variety of substrates.

Certainly, V300 enhances our existing product lineup. And as the first product in the new series, offers substrate versatility combined with high-level durability.

This new ribbon will be launched on a sequential basis in both the EU and global markets from mid-April 2019.

Since the 1980s DNP has been providing thermal transfer ink ribbons. DNP’s ink ribbons are now used in various areas, including distribution and packaging materials, electronic devices and automobile parts, along with pharmaceuticals.

The new V300 mark

V300 Features

V300 – Versatility Defined is an ink ribbon with the ability to print on a wide variety of materials that have come into popular use in recent years, while still maintaining the durability of resin ribbons.

The main features are as follows.

  • High-level versatility: With V300, it is now possible to print on materials, on which it was previously difficult to print, such as polypropylene (PP) and coated papers besides polyethene-terephthalate (PET) while offering substantially better durability than that of the current resin type ink.
  • High-level durability: V300 is highly resistant to alcohol and oil components, according to in-house surveys.
Tests results of V300 in comparison to a competitor product
  • High-level printing sensitivity: V300 makes it possible to reduce the necessary heat volume for printing by a maximum of 20% compared to currently available products, such as the DNP-developed R300. In addition to reducing the burden on the thermal head of the printer, the new ink ribbon also successfully achieves high-speed printing, according to in-house surveys.


Future Developments Involving the V-Series

DNP has created the catchphrase Versatility Defined, which refers to outstanding versatility, as the brand message of the new V-series. We will continue to develop products boasting even higher-level durability while maintaining printability on a broad array of materials.

At the same time, DNP will cooperate with the label and tag manufacturers to expand the industries and areas where the new V-Series ink ribbons can be applied.