V300 - Testimonials

What our customers say about V300

“The V300 is fantastic. It prints very well on nearly everything. Most of our new synthetic materials in our current Label Stock line-up are Fasson®. It prints ‘Excellent*’ on all the PET’s (including matte) and all our glossy BOPP's (biaxially-oriented polypropylene) except one. Most all our new matte materials – synthetic and paper - printed ‘Well,’ meaning most text and barcodes print legibly and are scannable. The print may have rough edges or slightly broken print. None of our new materials – not even general thermal transfer paper – received a ‘Fail’ with V300! It really does seem to print on everything!”

*‘Excellent’ in my testing means I can achieve a Grade ‘A’ ladder/rotated barcode at 10 -13 mil X-Dimension (UPC-A).

ReThink Labels
Jeff Clark
Senior Technical Support