R510C Durable Colour Resin

DNP’s R510C offers the same unmatched durability as our R510HF Ultra Durable Resin. It’s available in eight standard colors and is the industry’s toughest color resin ribbon capable of handling extreme environmental conditions with DNP’s unrivaled scratch and solvent resistance.
Other than our standard colours can be produced in case of sufficiant volume.

Standard colors

  • R510C Red

    PMS 185

  • R510C Blue

    PMS 2935

  • R510C Green

    PMS 347

  • R510C Matte Silver

    PMS 877

  • R510C Yellow

    PMS 116

  • R510C Orange

    PMS 1505

  • R510C Deep Blue

    PMS 287

  • R510C Deep Green

    PMS 334

Recommended applications

Recommended substrates

  • Recommended substrates
    Economy Synthetics Polypropylene
    Specialty Materials PVC cards
    PET cards


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