M255 - Premium Wax/Resin

Excellent abrasion resistance and durability throughout the supply chain

M255 helps secure readable labels during delivery and handling processes. It offers outstanding abrasion resistance and durability of your print.

M255 is recommended for applications in several industries such as pharmaceutical and healthcare, health and beauty or inventory and logistics, owing to the excellent durability of M255 against a variety of common chemicals such as methanol, ethyl alcohol or motor oil.

DNP’s new premium wax/resin formulation, M255, is designed to print high-density barcodes and other variable information on a wide range of substrates such as paper, PE or PET. Apart from its abrasion resistance and outstanding print density, M255 is an excellent choice for applications that require moderate heat resistance such as shrink wrapping or pasteurization.

M255 eliminates unnecessary production standstill as it is engineered to protect the print head thanks to DNP’s specially formulated anti-static back-coating.

* The information on this page was obtained in DNP laboratories. Measured values may vary slightly when tested in a different environment. Therefore, we advise all our customers to do further testing before making a purchasing decision.

Interested in testing M255 yourself? You can request a free sample from us at any time!

Standard colors

  • Black

Recommended applications

Recommended substrates

  • Paper Coated Paper
    Coated Tag
    Glossy Paper
    Uncoated Paper
    Uncoated Tag
    Specialty Materials Polystyrene
    Top-coated Vinyl
    Coated/uncoated Valeron®
    Tyvek Brillion®
    Economy Synthetics Polyethylene

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