Improvement environmental impact R510

Dear valued customer, 

As part of our corporate policy our mission is to reduce environmental impact in all processes, from the procurement and use of raw materials to their disposal. We place priority on taking action to go beyond society’s expectations, and we continue to make improvements towards this goal. 

In accordance with this policy, the production process of our R510 TTR ribbons has been slightly modified, in order to further reduce its environmental impact. Specifically, changes have been made in the type of solvent used during the ink coating process. 

In the past, trace amounts of solvent in the material were already well within the legal requirements. The latest changes have allowed a further reduction to levels that are even lower, improving the sustainability of this product well into the future. 

In daily use, it is possible that users may detect a slightly different odour. This is a result of the environmental improvements in the production process of this material. 

DNP’s R510 ribbons now offer the superior level of performance that end-users are accustomed to, with even higher levels of environmental sustainability! 

Thank you for your attention and continued support.

With Kind Regards,


Sales, Marketing & Product Development Team