Print on Dark Surfaces with DNP 's Double Layer Thermal Transfer Specialty Ribbons

Printing variable information on dark labels is always a challenge with thermal transfer overprinting. A white print on a dark surface usually turns pale grey, instead of bright white. Most of the durable coloured ribbons available on the market can never be 100% pantone proof. But how can you then make sure that your snow white print actually turns out show white?


The answer is easy! You need a double layer thermal transfer ribbon!


DNP offers double layer resins that perform with a unique opacity to print variable information on dark or clear labels, which can be applied on dark surfaces in order to enhance brand recognition or add unique opportunities during promotional activities.


At the moment, we are offering R410D-White Ultra Opaque White Resin as a double layer thermal transfer ribbon. Should your preferred colour not be white, then do not hesitate to contact DNP, as we can help you to further customise and distinguish your product.


Interested in giving R410D-White Ultra Opaque White Resin a try? Then order a sample today!