Inventory and logistics



Inventory barcodes are critical to the efficiency of the manufacturing and distribution process. They contain useful information about a company's inventory or stock quantities. Barcoding for logistical purposes is helpful and time saving. Tracking product lines helps ensure quality both inside a manufacturing facility and after point of sale. Both applications require labeling and thermal transfer printing that exhibits superior abrasion resistance and longevity.




  • Uncoated paper
  • Coated paper
  • Synthetic paper
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene
  • Valeron®
  • Kimdura®
  • Polyart®
  • R300 General Purpose Resin
  • R316 Specialty Heat Resistant Resin
  • R510C Durable Color Resin
  • R510HF Ultra Durable Resin
  • R510W Durable White Resin
  • TR3020 Transparent Wax
  • TR3021 General Purpose Red Wax
  • TR3022 General Purpose Blue Wax
  • TR3023 General Purpose Green Wax
  • TR3370 High Opacity White Resin
  • TR4085plus® Premium Resin Enhanced Wax
  • TR4500 Premium Near Edge Wax/Resin
  • TR5080 Specialty Wax/Resin
  • TR6080 High Performance Wax/Resin
  • VR301 Durable Metallic Color Resin


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